Is the freshness of raw materials selected and cooked every day by our kitchen.
Is the simplicity of the ingredients coming from the sea and earth.
Is the cheerfulness of a tasty cocktail enjoyed in good company.
Is love for good food, genuine flavours, people, teamwork.

VIVO is in Santa Gertrude, in the heart of Ibiza.


VIVO is also a cocktail bar.
Before or after dinner, you can sit in the warm glow of the mood lighting, exotically sheltered by our beautiful tree from the dusky evening outside, and enjoy a tasty cocktail prepared by our resident bartender Serena Galliccia or a glass of wine from our carefully curated wine list. 

We want you to feel this is exactly the sort of place you’d want to visit time and time, and time, again.


VIVO is born from the passion of its owners

Federico, FabrizioAndrea and Steve
for good Italian cuisine and for the atmospheres that
only Ibiza and Santa Gertrudis can offer.

Travellers, fun-loving, passionate for life and people, they put together their different knowledge, professional experiences and love for good food to create a place where top quality components are blended with a genuine sense of enjoyment and authentic cuisine. 


Open from Tuesday to Sunday
12.30 – 16.00
19.00 – 00.00
Open every day in August.

VIVO Ibiza
Carrer de la Venda des Poble, 5, Ibiza

+ 34 679 35 08 05
or Whatsapp us on
+39 338 45 20 763